Carol Sepulveda, Center for Counseling and Play Therapy

**We are successfully offering In Person and Theletherapy."

Play Therapy

As adults, most of us having mastered words and language, still find it difficult to share emotion. Many of us have feelings that we just can’t identify. Well imagine what children are experiencing and how difficult it is for them to express themselves. In Child Centered Play Therapy a child is able to express his or her feelings symbolically. The toys are their words and play is their language. A child will reenact a particular theme until he no longer has to express it. When we see movement in a child’s play, we also see healing.

Below are two video introductions to play therapy by Dr. Dee Ray. The first introduction is for children and the second for parents. It’s a good idea to share the child’s video with you child prior to bringing him or her therapy. I look forward to see you and your child.

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